Don't You Deserve To Be Comfortable, Confident And Happy With Your Advisor?

At EM Advisory Corp. (EMAC), we know the stress of working with outside consultants. We've all been there. We've all wanted to benefit from the experience of others but been unsure if we could count on somebody else to do the kind of job we would do.

It's for that very reason that connecting with people is so important to us and you. Our entire mission, beginning with the identification of our clients' current situations, through the process of organizing the right people to successfully implement the correct solutions, results in our clients' growth. Our goal is geared toward forging the best relationships and talent available between our clients and our advisors.

You'll find EM Advisory Corp entirely aware of the needs of your business and how to address them quickly, on your schedule. This is our passion, and we will put that passion into every project we take on.

Your Success

EM Advisory Corp helps you develop the ideas that have value for your customers and will generate stable, profitable products and/or services for your company. We help you specifically focus in each individual area of your business in order to balance these areas together and create your own synergy levels which inevitably will lead to better results.

What We Do For You

With our experience, our person-focused style, and the personalized attention that you simply don't get from other firms, EMAC works directly with you to address your specific needs now. We will take your company to a successful and results-oriented future. We work synergistically to develop ways to more rapidly get your products or services to market if that’s what is needed. Our simple and direct approach will both help you drop excessive costs and make your company stand out in a field of competition. EMAC targets areas of your company for improvement that will have the greatest and longest-lasting impact. Most importantly, we give you the resources and knowledge to keep your business always moving towards tomorrow.

Experience Matters

Our name says it all: Experience Matters. EMAC is not a company that will impress you with our top-level staff and high expense accounts, then give your project to somebody with no understanding of what your needs are. Our advisors have spent decades in business, developing products, services, and industry standards, learning what success is and how to achieve it. A growing business needs Experience, because it does Matter.

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